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LACIT emphasizing the processing of agro product into value added products with a view to reduce the wastage of agricultural produce and increase in the income of families, it requires to train the prospective entrepreneurs / unemployed youth in an intensive manner so as to sensitise them to the idea of value addition, food processing and encourage them to establish food processing industries. To achieve these objectives, LACIT organised two workshops each of 2 days duration the year 2008 and a total of 25 unemployed people got benefited with the following objectives.

Providing basic knowledge of project formulation and management including technology, marketing, and profitability.
Motivating the youths and instilling confidence in them to start and manage a business venture.

Educate them on the opportunities & financial assistance available for food processing units.

Providing escort services to enable them to avail credit facilities from banks/financial institutions and other support services from the developmental organizations/ to source equipments, raw material etc/ to guide them in establishing marketing linkage to their products and possible risk factors in running the units.


LACIT organizes a One Day Community day celebration at Samata Nagar slum for the local community members and children. The event is organized to bring moments of happiness to community members and underprivileged children. A variety of programs like, light music, singing and dance, drama are organized by the slum girls, youths and children. All the community members and invitees participate in this program which ends with a delicious dinner.



LACIT organizes a COMMUNITY SPORTS event for 2 days every year. Children, adolescents, women and men from the slums participate with enthusiasm. At the end of the 2 day event, prizes are distributed in the form of GIFT BOXES and given to nearly a 100 slum children.

These Gift Boxes have been sent by the “The Samaritan Purse” a non-profit institution which shares the love and compassion of children in USA with the poor and deprived children all over the world. The foundation collects these gift boxes

from the children in the USA. The boxes are then sent all over the world as per the demand of the local NGO and Churches and thereafter distributed as gifts to the poor children. The children in return send their photographs and a report along with their signature or thumb impression to the parents of children in the USA. The value of these boxes are worth Rs. 500/-, more some times. They generally contain educational material, play material, children’s clothes, toys, chocolates, tooth paste, tooth brush and some times unexpected gifts such as a hand watch or a gold chain depending on the child living in USA.



Cultural program are organized at Samta slum of Nagpur city during the year on the eve of national days such as 15th August wherein National Integration is created in the minds of these poor people. Children present cultural and patriotic songs, drama, and dance.


To improve the status and living conditions in the slum community,  LACIT conducted socio-economic base line survey which took place in 5 steps

1. Collection of available information on the socio-economic, demographic, and ecological data in the Samta Nagar Slum;
2. Planning and preparation of the survey;
3. Implementation of the survey;
4. Data processing, evaluation and analysis;
5. Dissemination of the results of the survey and preparation for translation into action.

The following individual activities were part of the process of a baseline survey:

1. To initiate dialogues among all groups participating in a survey concerning the living situation of the poor
2. To assess the needs of the poor, in particular, about their problems in daily life,
3. To increase the awareness and sensitivity to improve the basic need situation of the poor
4. To reveal the nature, magnitude and severity of the poverty-related problems and their possible causes,
5. To identify the appropriate scope of intervention for the improvement of the poverty situation,
6. To identify poverty-related socioeconomic determining factors for evaluation.


LACIT shares the project experience in various platforms of district, state & international level. It has been working with its networks with government offices & international agencies those who are working on our common goal.

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